STP - household appliance handles and zamack die-casting

STP makes your design for household appliance handles and furnishin accessories, using modern materials as aluminum, steel and zinc alloy. STP (Gorgo al Monticano - Treviso) creates handles for appliances in different materials, making components assembled. Specialized in steel handles, aluminum and zinc alloy, STP produces prototypes starting from the customer design idea. STP performs small and large production series.

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S.T.P Home page: household appliance handles, mechanical manufacturing processes, zamak die-casting.

household appliance handles

STP: household appliance handles and zamak die-casting

The S.T.P. is a young, dynamic, highly specialized in zamack die-casting and processing of bar-round aluminum and steel tubes.

Our strengths are competitivity, service, quality, reliability and transparency.
Our facility follows the customer from the design stage to the final product, ensuring that products are free of defects and of the best quality.

In the planning stage of a zinc alloy mold, we are connected with the office-mold design that presents solutions in a short time, variations and guarantees working directly with the customer.

We have good experience in working with bars and rods of aluminum and steel tubes; this allowed us to get into the appliance-designed a wide range of items.

household appliance handles

STP has developed over time the ability to respond on demand to the customer efficiently and professionally, in the molding process as well as in mechanical processing (aluminum and steel). Delivered items are completed with galvanizing or painted.

Operations carried out by skilled and qualified providers, however, under our responsibility.

S.T.P. is placed in Gorgo al Monticano, Treviso, Italy.