STP - household appliance handles and zamack die-casting

STP makes your design for household appliance handles and furnishin accessories, using modern materials as aluminum, steel and zinc alloy. STP (Gorgo al Monticano - Treviso) creates handles for appliances in different materials, making components assembled. Specialized in steel handles, aluminum and zinc alloy, STP produces prototypes starting from the customer design idea. STP performs small and large production series.

handles for household appliances

Manufacturing STEEL and ALUMINUM


The stainless steel is used in industrial sectors where it is necessary to increase the resistance against external objects and wear, ensuring a perfect aesthetic result.

The structure of steel tubes is enhanced both by the quality, both from the external finish of satin and polished finishes that allow to obtain homogeneous results and without roughness surfaces.

Our company produced tubes of different diameters, and our suppliers are able to certify and to accompany each shipment with a detalied physical, chemical and mechanical properties analysis of raw materials, in order to garantee the full quality.


The aluminum alloy is lightweight, durable and easy to work.
It has a clean, pleasant and excellent resistance to corrosion and offers a unique combination, which makes it a versatile building material of great use and interest.

There are many types of surface treatments (ANODIZING, PAINTING AND OTHER METHODS OF SURFACE TREATMENT) that improve the aesthetics of aluminum.

The anodization process can maintain the natural color of aluminum (which is already anodized) or the customer can opt for other possible colors.

Powder coating offers an unlimited choice of colors and a truly remarkable durability.

Among the methods of surface treatment we recommend grinding, polishing and chrome electroplating.

Our company produced extruded from aluminum of various conditions of hardness, used primarily in the commercial sector.
Our raw material suppliers are able to certify and accompany every delivery with a detailed analysis of the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristic, ensuring their quality.