STP - household appliance handles and zamack die-casting

STP makes your design for household appliance handles and furnishin accessories, using modern materials as aluminum, steel and zinc alloy. STP (Gorgo al Monticano - Treviso) creates handles for appliances in different materials, making components assembled. Specialized in steel handles, aluminum and zinc alloy, STP produces prototypes starting from the customer design idea. STP performs small and large production series.

handles for household appliances

Prototypes handles

We create your design - Experience and creativity in innovative handles

STP realize the design for your handles. Our technical department provides you with decades of experience in the realization of prototypes and samples of handles.
Our customers contact us during the design phase of the appliance, requiring development of prototypes, finished or semifinished to verify the functionality, ergonomics of use, consistency and appearance of your appliance.
The handle is the main design element in the appliance: oven, door, refrigerator, accessory, furniture ... the handle creates elegance and style.

Technical Drawing

S.T.P. has CAD professional designers.
Given the specific use of the desired part, the staff studies the characteristics for the full definition of the model.
With the help of CAD, technical drawing is done.