STP - household appliance handles and zamack die-casting

STP makes your design for household appliance handles and furnishin accessories, using modern materials as aluminum, steel and zinc alloy. STP (Gorgo al Monticano - Treviso) creates handles for appliances in different materials, making components assembled. Specialized in steel handles, aluminum and zinc alloy, STP produces prototypes starting from the customer design idea. STP performs small and large production series.

handles for household appliances

Zamack: metal alloy suitable molding

The zamack is a group of alloys with high zinc content (with sometimes small amounts of alloying elements such as aluminum, copper) particularly suitable for the production of complicated jets through the casting process. These pieces provide excellent surface finish and tight dimensional tolerances, high production rates.

The metal alloy Zamak (known as ZAMA) is characterized by excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good mechanical strength and toughness, good dimensional stability and ability to create even smaller thicknesses well below 0.3 mm.

STP Die-Casting Department

Zinc Alloy Die-Casting Department of STP has a hot-chamber presses (200 to 250 tons.) able to produce parts with very tight tolerances.

The technologies used allow to obtain accessories with thin surfaces, which support any surface treatment. Components realized are compact. Those qualities are essential in technical applications, automotive, agricultural, automation, home appliances and furniture.

Example of a technical article obtained by zamack

Printed appliance handle obtained by die-casting. The handle detail is avalable into the product catalog:handle detail.